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Stories of Your Life: And Others (Paperback)

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One of the best short story collections of the last ten years, back in print in a new edition.

About the Author

Ted Chiang is a celebrated science fiction writer and the author of numerous short stories, including "Exhalation," which won the Hugo, British Science Fiction, and Locus awards. He lives near Seattle.

Praise For…

"Shining, haunting, mind-blowing talesthis collection is a pure marvel. [Ted] Chiang is so exhilarating so original so stylish he just leaves you speechless. I always suggest a person read at least 52 books a year for proper mental functioning but if you only have time for one, be at peace: you found it."Junot Díaz

"Meticulously pieced together, utterly thought through, Chiang’s stories emerge slowlybut with the perfection of slow-growing crystal."Lev Grossman

"United by a humane intelligence that speaks very directly to the reader, and makes us experience each story with immediacy and Chiang’s calm passion."China Mieville

"Ted is a national treasureeach of those stories is a goddamned jewel."Cory Doctorow, BoingBoing

"Confirms that blending science and fine art at this length can produce touching works, tales as intimate as our own blood cells, with the structural strength of just-discovered industrial alloys."Seattle Times

"Chiang derides lazy thinking, weasels it out of its hiding place, and leaves it cowering."Washington Post

"Essential. You won’t know SF if you don’t read Ted Chiang."Greg Bear

"Chiang writes seldom, but his almost unfathomably wonderful stories tick away with the precision of a Swiss watchand explode in your awareness with shocking, devastating force."Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)

"The first must-read SF book of the year."Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

"He puts the science back in science fictionbrilliantly."Booklist (Starred Review)

Product Details
ISBN: 9781931520720
ISBN-10: 1931520720
Publisher: Small Beer Press
Publication Date: October 26th, 2010
Pages: 320
Language: English