Free to be Me (Hardcover)

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"Free to be ME" takes you on a journey through a little boy's life living authentically through his difficult school years, standing out and not fitting in with other boys and societal norms. Oliver embraces who he is from a young age, which subjects him to years of bullying and being left out simply because he was different. It's an adorable and honest story told through Oliver's voice that will help parents, teachers and guardians facilitate positive conversations around sexuality, love and stressing the importance of embracing what makes someone different and unique. Families are supposed to be a mom, dad, sisters and brothers, right? In this story, families are created differently. The main ingredient is LOVE and that is what ultimately makes a family. Oliver is lucky enough be a part of two families created differently, but both made equally from LOVE. This book is dedicated to all those living their truths. The most powerful question ever posed to me by my then ten-year-old son was, "Why would you keep me from being who I am?"

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ISBN: 9780578532042
ISBN-10: 0578532042
Publisher: Nancy Zarriello
Publication Date: August 8th, 2019
Pages: 32
Language: English