Behind The Flight Deck Door: Insider Knowledge About Everything You've Ever Wanted to Ask A Pilot (Paperback)

Behind The Flight Deck Door: Insider Knowledge About Everything You've Ever Wanted to Ask A Pilot By Brett Manders Cover Image
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Ever wondered what goes on inside the cockpit of a passenger plane? Ever wanted to know how a jet engine works or what happens if a plane is struck by lightning? Behind the Flight Deck Door provides insider knowledge about everything you have ever wanted to ask a pilot

Since 9/11, flight decks of modern airliners have become off-limits to the flying public. This is despite the fact every year more people take to the skies than ever before.

Pilot Brett Manders wants to help you become a savvy traveller by providing insider tips, expert knowledge, and an understanding of what goes on behind the scenes to get you up in the air.

All told with a dash of humor, this book will demystify the art of airline travel, address those urban legends, and settle the nerves of any anxious flyers.

Simple, concise explanations cover a multitude of things passengers have asked Brett and his colleagues over the years.

  • What is a small technical delay?
  • Can the cabin door be opened mid-flight?
  • How much do pilots really earn and do they get free flights?
  • Can you get stuck to the toilet?
  • Is it still possible to view the flight deck?

Brett Manders is a pilot with an Australian Airline. He has over 10,000 hours flying experience on Airbus A320, A321, A330 and Boeing B787 Dreamliner aircraft.

Praise for Behind the Flight Deck Door

"Brett's uncomplicated, honest, and easy to understand book is a welcome addition on any flight. It offers an enlightening point of view of the all-important necessity of air travel with rare glimpses of the secret world airline pilots inhabit."


"I really enjoyed reading this as it is an easy read, and really relatable and quite entertaining. As a nervous flyer myself it was quite interesting and reassuring to read all the different things that go on behind the scenes and learn about the ins and outs of flying."


"This book has so much valuable knowledge that every passenger wants to know and ask. So many things about aircraft, airlines and airports are such a mystery to many people, it is nice to have it explained is simple terms. After reading, I feel lots of little things that bothered me have been put in perspective and it has helped my fear of flying significantly. Behind the Flight Deck Door is a must have book for anyone who travels on airlines "


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ISBN: 9780648235606
ISBN-10: 0648235602
Publisher: Atlantis Media
Publication Date: May 25th, 2018
Pages: 138
Language: English