My Ocean Friends: A journal to record memories of cherished friendships (Hardcover)

My Ocean Friends: A journal to record memories of cherished friendships Cover Image
By Jacqueline Thim, Mia Velican (Illustrator), Mark Single (Editor)
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Have you ever wanted a special way to record memories of cherished friendships? Well, this unique friendship journal might be what you are looking for.

'My Ocean Friends' provides a playful and creative way to explore friendships and capture memories to be looked back upon years down the track.

Share this Friends book among your special mates and family. Each friend can choose a favorite page and answer a series of fun and meaningful questions while cute ocean animals tell fascinating facts about themselves and their beloved home.

A long-time favorite across Europe, 'My Ocean Friends' is taking it a step further, asking unique questions and encouraging you to care for the environment.

Curious? Why not dive deeper into this book and see where it takes you


'My Ocean Friends' contains 64 colorful pages which give you and 25 friends enough room to share your dreams and memories with each other. Throughout the whole book, friendly under water animals give guidance and together you can explore friendships and oceans.

'My Ocean Friends' is a great gift for boys and girls for any occasion. First school day, birthdays, farewells, anniversaries, or just because you have a really good friend

If you are 7 or 70, it's never too late to own your first friends book

25 Cent of each sold book are used to support a local club or community which dedicates time to protect the ocean. The book owner is welcome to visit our homepage and vote, where he or she thinks the money is used best to serve the environment.

Key features of the book

  • Meaningful questions

The questions in this friends book are balanced to children's comprehension, to enhance their creativity and reflect on their feelings for their beloved friends

  • Expression of friendships

The book offers a unique opportunity for children and adults to express and share feelings and dreams at a special time in their lives.

  • Special possession for ever

The unique variation of questions makes this book a special possession for young and old to be looked back upon years down the track.

  • Relaxing activity

Writing a journal entry for a friend is a beautiful activity, where the writer puts a lot of love and thought into.

  • Educational aspect

The illustrated animals tell fascinating facts and ask the reader questions to encourage them to find out more about the ocean.

  • Beautiful illustrations

Cute illustrations of the vibrant sea life is represented in five different layouts reflecting the changing zones of the ocean depending on its depth.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780648882138
ISBN-10: 0648882136
Publisher: My Friendsbook
Publication Date: November 6th, 2020
Pages: 66
Language: English