Ruby Luna's Moontime: A girls' book about starting periods (Paperback)

Ruby Luna's Moontime: A girls' book about starting periods By Tessa Venuti Sanderson Cover Image
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Ruby Luna starts her period at 10 years old and keeps a diary for the next two years all about the menstrual products she tries and the things that happen to her and her friends. It is aimed at 10-12 year olds, but would be suitable for any girl starting her period earlier than that. It also covers the transition from primary to secondary school. It is written with humour to keep the topic light and entertaining, but includes lots of information from the impact of diet on periods to when girls historically started menarche (first period) in an accessible way. (/br) (/br)Ruby Luna's Moontime is a follow-on book from Ruby Luna's Curious Journey for 5-9 year olds on female anatomy, but it can be read independently.

"It's great I think it will really appeal to teens too I think it covers a lot of things that girls want to know about. This diary is funny, packed full of useful information and will help girls feel confident about periods and body changes. Great job " Anna (13)

"I had fun reading this book with my mum. There was great practical advice on periods, and I enjoyed reading a story that reflected my own experience of starting my period and transitioning from primary to secondary school." Rosie Davis (12)

"My daughter found the prospect of reading a book about puberty and periods less than inspiring but she has always loved being read to so Tessa's book was just the ticket. At 12 having started her period at 10 she felt super knowledgable when we began to read together. We enjoyed chatting about the story and how it related to her own experience of ending primary and entering secondary school. We also chatted about all the period related issues brought up so cleverly in the book. If you are looking for a novel to share with your pre-teen that is fun, informative and that will bring you closer to your daughter look no further. Although my daughter is 12 we both felt that this would still be a great book for a 9-10 year old, especially if she is an early bloomer. This is a much-needed book - fiction is the best way to teach pre-teen girls about the changes taking place in their bodies and the practical issued that can impact them. Well done Tessa on writing this much needed book." Julie Davis (mum)

"In my capacity of talking to secondary school children about puberty, there is a vast difference in what kids know or believe, so a resource like this will help put the record straight in an enjoyable and educational way." Sharon Sneddon, Lecturer in Reproductive Medicine

"I like the way the diary pointed out that most teachers are approachable and supportive in regard to children who have started their periods, regardless of how young they may be when this happens, and raised common issues such as going swimming at school and when the children are taught about periods at primary school." Mrs Mirbel, Deputy Head of Micklands Primary

About the Author
TESSA VENUTI SANDERSON teaches menstrual cycle awareness to girls and women and facilitates Celebration Day for Girls gatherings where menarche (first period) is seen as a rite of passage and an opportunity to enhance body image and self-esteem. She has a PhD in Medical Sociology and is also a women's yoga teacher. Learn more at and
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