An Illustrated Guide to Flying (Paperback)

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Inspired by the effortless soaring of birds, humans have taken to wing as the safest, fastest, and most enjoyable way to travel. An Illustrated Guide to Flying explains the principles and practice of flying with concise critical facts, supported with prolific illustrations and photographs, covering basic flight maneuvers, aircraft engines and flight instruments, navigation, weather, types of aircraft, traffic control, flight rules, and more.

This is an exciting introduction to flying for aspiring pilots of all ages, revealing the mysteries of flight and explaining how pilots deal with their aircraft and the elements through which they fly. Either as a student, passenger, or future pilot, the reader will enter a fascinating new world that offers challenge, fun, and adventure.

About the Author

Barry Schiff has received worldwide recognition for his wide-ranging aeronautical accomplishments and has logged 28,000 hours in more than 363 types of aircraft. He was a rated Airline Transport Pilot at 21 and has earned every FAA category and class rating (except airship) and every possible instructor's rating. Schiff retired from Trans World Airlines (TWA) in 1998 after a 34-year career during which he flew everything from the Lockheed Constellation to the Boeing 747.An award-winning journalist and author, he is well known to flying audiences for his numerous books and more than 1,800 articles published in 111 aviation magazines, notably AOPA Pilot of which he is currently a contributing editor.
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ISBN: 9781619544017
ISBN-10: 1619544016
Publisher: Aviation Supplies & Academics
Publication Date: December 13th, 2022
Pages: 216
Language: English