Stand Down, Bullies: Becoming a Friend & Overcoming Being a Bully (Hardcover)

Stand Down, Bullies: Becoming a Friend & Overcoming Being a Bully By Sophia Day, Kayla Pearson, Timothy Zowada (Illustrator) Cover Image
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Three stories guide young readers to make good decisions when tempted to bullies others in this helpful character education resource, starring children from the MVP Kids - includes Think and Talk About It sections for parents & educators.

Stand Down Bullies stories start when Ezekiel is sent home early from book club for aggressive behavior that stems from unresolved emotional issues. Blake unintentionally does some sibling-bullying against his little sister during summer break; Sarah ends up in the principal's office after being peer-pressured into bullying other children on the playground. Inspired by her mother, Sarah uses kindness to stop bullying. Each story features healthy interactions with parents as a resource for talking about bullies.

This book features a range of children, and diversity is shown in positive ways with characters that span various cultures, ethnicities, family situations, physical challenges and more. Readers of all backgrounds will see themselves in these pages while learning to value the diversity within their own community and being exposed to differences from around the world.

The very-real emotions behind bullying behavior are highlighted, and the family discussions in the text remind young readers how character traits are built over time and with help, too.

About S.T.A.N.D. mini-series

The character traits imparted by STAND (Stand tall, Tell an adult, Act bravely, Notice your surroundings, Display kindness) kids include: confidence builders; reminders about informing grown-ups about certain situations; practical advice for situational awareness; and a reminder to never bully or react to bullies in ways that make you angry or hurtful. Young readers will recognize the traits reinforced in each story. Each book recaps the STAND pledge, making it easy to share in co-reading or group discussion. The pledge relates to how the stories end in different ways with some bullies reformed and others not and school leaders contacted as a way to help and more.

1. STAND Up to Bullies: help kids who are bullied by others

2. STAND Together Against Bullying: inspire children to be upstanders instead of bystanders

3. STAND Down Bullies: teaches empathy and kindness to kids who exhibit and struggle with bullying behaviors

About the Help Me Become series

The Help Me Become series hardcover and paperback books promote character growth for children ages 4-10. Each book helps kids deal with real-life social situations like bullying and bad sportsmanship while learning to keep promises, be responsible, tell the truth, and more. Each title in the series features three stories starring MVP Kids and includes a Think & Talk About It section to coach parents & educators.

About MVP Kids

Families with a diverse range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds drive the inspiration for child education and social emotional learning. MVP Kids enables real-world kids to address the challenges in their lives through story-based character lessons where the kids interact at school, in social situations, and in their communities. MVP Kids board books enrich preschool readers while hardcovers and paperbacks focus on school-aged children. Each MVP Kids book includes extensive coaching information for parents and educators that promotes character education, wise decision-making skills, and social and emotional learning.

About the Author

In our products for children, families, and caregivers, Sophia Day interacts with children through a recipe of entertainment, expanded education, and inviting illustrations. Sophia Day promotes healthy mentoring relationships by providing opportunities for parents and teachers to personally relate with their children. Sophia Day's goal is to captivate kids of all ages with purposeful entertainment while supporting parents, caregivers, educators, coaches, and counselors to prepare kids to become Real MVPs, living responsible and meaningful lives. Become lifetime friends with our MVP Kids as they grow up with your kids in Sophia's multiple series for preschool, elementary, and teenage years. Kayla Pearson studied elementary education at Liberty University and works with children through various youth programs in the United States and East Africa. Kayla devotes her time to making an impact in the lives of children, partially through writing books that inspire honorable character. Kayla currently resides in Arizona. Timothy Zowada is the illustrator for many of our Real MVP Kids books. Tim has an Associates Degree in Fine Arts and has spent much of his life personally working with children. MVP Kids provides Tim with the opportunity to use his skill as an artist to help kids learn and grow into responsible and mature adults. Tim currently resides in Arizona. For more on Sophia, Kayla and Timothy, visit
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ISBN: 9781642552331
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Publication Date: October 29th, 2018
Pages: 72
Language: English