Love Letters to God from a Teenage Girl (Paperback)

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Love Letters to God from a Teenage Girl From a former teenager to a teenager, I love you God loves you more; more than you love yourself. These letters represent the conversations which will grow your knowledge and will assist you in building your faith. The scriptures will assist you in finding answers to the concerns and questions you have. This is the tool to enhance your relationship with God. Let these words comfort and console you, encourage and bless you, embrace and educate you from a God who created you. Remember that God is available to you and has never left you. You will be encouraged by the fact that God is ever-present in every situation, no matter how bad or how strange. Read these love letters knowing that you will find yourself and find yourself in a comfortable place with God. You will love yourself more. You will forgive yourself more. You will address yourself more truthfully. You will create a better environment for your soul. You will understand God better. You will love God more. You will increase your faith. You will have better self-esteem. You will be able to address God more authentically. Love Letters to God from you.
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ISBN: 9781939119001
ISBN-10: 1939119006
Publisher: Purple Ink, Inc
Publication Date: September 15th, 2012
Pages: 240
Language: English