Consignment Policy


Book Consignment Agreement


          As a community bookshop Broadside has long supported local authors and small presses.  Due to the limited and therefore valuable space in our store, we find it necessary to charge a fee for that space, as well as the labor involved in tracking inventory and making individual payments.

          Broadside Bookshop will stock 2-3 copies of your book on our shelves for a one-time non-returnable fee of $25, the industry standard, under these terms:

>We will pay you 70% of the cost of all books sold. We will display your book face out in the store and in our window for two weeks.

>If we sell out we will notify you.  When you bring replacement copies to the store we will give you a check for books sold.  There is no need to check on sales: we will inform you when we sell out of your book.

>If no books sell within 6 months we will ask you to come pick them up.  We are not responsible for reasonable wear on the books, or damaged or stolen books.  Unsold books removed from the shelf must be picked up by the author within 4 months of notification.  If they are not picked up by then, we reserve the right to dispose of them as we see fit.

>We require that you mention on your website and/or your Facebook page that your book is available at Broadside Bookshop, and that you link your author website to ours:

          We strongly encourage you to pursue all other possible means of letting potential readers know your book is in our store as well:

          ~Urge your friends, family and acquaintances to purchase your book at our store.

          ~Use social media, local media and your personal contact list to inform potential readers that your book is available through us.

          ~Get involved with book clubs, libraries and other community organizations.  Overall, increased sales come from a wide variety of author-generated promotion.

Date book(s) were consigned ____________________

Title of consigned book(s) _________________________________________________

Retail price of each book $_____________

Author's name (please print) and signature ____________________________________

Author's phone # and email address _________________________________________

Broadside signature ______________________________