Adin Thayer Presents The Close World Thursday, Oct. 7 at 7 pm


Adin Thayer

in conversation with Rebecca Olander

Adin Thayer's new volume of poems explores critically her memories of growing up in the Jim Crow south of the 50s, and of travel to Rwanda and the Congo and the people she witnessed and knew through her work there, while the natural world went on around themThe poems have other registers as well, recording moments of communion with nature, visitations of memory, and uncertainties of faith.

  "...this book of quiet witness and struggle for faith also offers up the beauty in 'feathers soft as smoke' or a snake 'buried in drifting blossoms, ' and the balm of deep, intuitive connection, whether found in a mother's dented tin measuring cup or in the 'breathing' trees' 'hunger to grow.' These quiet, sure-footed poems convey the irreplaceable value of 'foraging for hope's marrow.''--Ellen Dore Watson.




Adin Thayer grew up in Virginia when it was a legally segregated society,  an upbringing which continues to shape the course of her life and her writing. She worked as a psychotherapist before shifting to work in Rwanda and neighboring African countries, with a focus on understanding the roots of violence  between groups as a necessary aspect of preventing it.

Rebecca Olander is the director of Perugia Press and the author of a forthcoming book of poems, Uncertain Acrobats, due this November.


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Thursday, October 7, 2021

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