How to Order

Ordering Information


Ordering through Our Website:
Enter the title of the book in the search bar at the top right. Do please note that the titles that you find there are not necessarily ones we have in stock, but if we don't, we can order them for you. Once you find the title, make sure it's the format--paperback or hardcover or audio book--you want.
Add it to your cart and follow instructions to checkout.

         You have options about pickup and payment:

  •  If you plan to pick the book up at the store, you can opt to pay at the store or  to pay  with your credit card online. ( If you're picking it up yourself, it's probably easier to simply pay at the store. And if you pay at the store, you can also get store stamps or any applicable discounts.)

  • If  you would like the book shipped, you'll need to fill out the shipping information and pay with your credit card.  If the total of your order comes to $25 or more, shipping is free.  

          Special handling:

  •  Please put requests for special services like wrapping in the comment field.  If you want a signed and personalized copy of a book by a local author, you will need to pay  with a credit card and specify the names of the recipients and any personal messages in the comment field.

Ordering by Phone:

  •  And of course you have the option to order by phone.  Our number is 413-586-4235.     Again, you can order and simply pick the book up and pay at that point, or if you want the  book shipped, we'll take your credit card  information and the shipping address, and wrap it if you like.


Ordering by e-mail:

And  we're always happy to see you at the store and take your order in person!

Please note: We ask that you pick up special orders within two weeks, as our storage space is limited.