Late in the Day--Tessa Hadley

Late in the Day --Tessa Hadley
Tessa Hadley is a master stylist.  Her prose is silken, or, to vary the metaphor, it goes down like expensive single-malt. Her sentences have a musical variety and rhythm to them, unusual in a time when prose is becoming more and more standardized. Late in the Day is the story of two couples, who have known each other since their youth. The death of one of the quartet opens up fault lines among the others.  Hadley eschews obvious emotional drama for  astute, nuanced  psychological subtley;  she's able to do this in part because her characters are highly educated, articulate  and have rich and cultivated inner lives. You can call Late in the Day a bourgeois novel if you must, but it's one of the most quietly intelligent novels in years.----Roxie