Sharks in the Time of Saviors--Kawai Strong Washburn


You can read this book on a number of levels, but most straightforwardly, it’s the story of a Hawaiian family, with varying degrees of belief in the old traditions, struggling to make ends meet. But they are a family with a difference. There are three children: all of them have a certain spark, but one of them seems to have been singled out—perhaps by the gods—to receive special powers: powers to heal, powers for good.  What happens to the other siblings and to their parents as a result of this gift fuels the narrative of this taut, fierce, wholly absorbing novel, laced with Hawaiian myth and gritty everyday, disenchanted 21st century reality. A haunting book.

Sharks in the Time of Saviors: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250787316
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Published: Picador - March 2nd, 2021