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Cahokia Jazz: A Novel By Francis Spufford Cover Image
ISBN: 9781668025451
Availability: Usually Ships in 5-7 days
Published: Scribner - February 6th, 2024

Cahokia is a city set in an alternative American Midwest  in 1922.  Native Americans, called Takouma, have had a different history here.  Joe Barrow is a Takouma policeman with a dubious partner. He discovers a dead body on a roof. Is this a signal? Is it a red herring?  The questions lead him into the hidden regions of the city, encountering its shadow power structure and the rivalries within it. The novel blends noir atmospherics with fascinating alternative technology, history and politics. You'll feel that you live in this city, and the novel will haunt you after you reach the end.

Mercury Pictures Presents: A Novel By Anthony Marra Cover Image
ISBN: 9780451495211
Availability: Usually Ships in 5-7 days
Published: Hogarth - June 27th, 2023

During the Second World War, Mercury Pictures is headed  by the irrepressible Artie Feldman, a canny toupee-wearing producer who has  negotiated the obstacles and pitfalls of the Los Angeles movie industry long enough to stay afloat. The  studio is the home of several emigres, most of them talented, down on their luck and willing to work cheap. Central to the story is Artie's secretary and right hand, Maria Lagana, tough, street-smart, whose ambition wars with her loyalty to Artie. Along the way we meet a cast of other studio denizens, and their backstories connect the world of Los Angeles to the devastation taking place in Europe and the paranoid absurdities of the home front.  Marra's smooth, frequently witty prose moves  effortlessly from telling  individual detail to panoramic historical view.  Absorbing and highly readable.

Burma Sahib: A Novel By Paul Theroux Cover Image
ISBN: 9780063297548
Availability: Usually Ships in 5-7 days
Published: Mariner Books - February 6th, 2024

Burma Sahib is a fictionalized account of the young Eric Blair, (later George Orwell), who spent time as a young policeman in what was then Burma.  Fresh out of Eton and already a bit disaffected, Blair is thrust into an utterly alien world, though one in which the vices of the British Empire have found fertile ground. Forced to play the colonial overmaster with the natives, Blair observes the ignorance, indifference and contempt that allow the colonials to brutalize the population they govern. As his discontent with his situation grows, along with his desire to be a writer, he develops a friendship with a native, which proves decisive for his career. Paul Theroux --who of course is not only a novelist but a famed travel writer--is wonderful at conveying the sights and sounds, and scents of the tropical Far East.